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All my newborn shoots take place in my home studio currently located in Southery, 10 minutes west of Feltwell and 20 minutes north of Ely. Working in my own studio allows me to prepare the room for the session as well as know and control the light. I also have access to spare backdrops and any other props needed. Adjusting to the studio session space there is a parent waiting room with a comfortable sofa and tv allowing mommies and daddies to rest while the baby is being photographed.

I normally book newborn sessions for 9:30am. We will follow baby’s schedule as they often need breaks to nurse or feed. Sessions are very casual and relaxed. Depending on how sleepy or hungry your baby is, sessions can last anywhere between 3-4 hours. It may seem that there is a lot of down time but that is because I will try to calm the baby down and get him/her into a deep sleep so that we can work without continuous waking up. This is the perfect time for mommy and daddy to sit back and relax.Please keep in mind that the room will be kept pretty warm as the temperature will be at around 80F to keep your baby warm and comfortable while undressed.The first 2 weeks of baby’s life are the best for newborn photography. Ideally, I prefer days 8-14 as it is easier to poses the baby all sleepy and curled up. I find that waiting till the second week allows the little one to figure out the feeding and therefore staying full a little longer.

I photograph babies bare skin, as most newborns are so tiny that the smallest clothes are still too big to look good in the pictures.  It is common for babies to pee or poop or spit up. I get so many new parents feel embarrassed but please know that I won’t be upset or offended, I actually expect for it to happen during every session.Feel free to bring any special hats, headbands, bracelets or anything that is important to you and your family that you would like included in the photos. Those items make the session so very personal and special. I love being able to incorporate personal touches into the shoots.

Depending on where you live, we will decide on either feeding the baby at home before leaving to come to the session or feeding your little one here prior to taking any photos.

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