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The memories of motherhood begin way before the birth, while you still feel refreshed, beautiful and excited about your new arrival.

Sometimes we may think we do not want to capture this time. For whatever reason we may have, this is a moment in your life that you will treasure forever.
You will always remember the day you first heard your baby’s heartbeat, the first kick or the tiny little hiccups. But will you remember the beautiful baby bump or how gorgeous you looked?
I know it is not always comfortable, the cramps, the swelling… It is ok! It is may job to make you feel amazing even if it is just for an hour or so.
For the perfect maternity session I recommend scheduling the shoot between 30 and 34 weeks of pregnancy. Some mommies start showing very early and choose to do their sessions earlier,
as soon as 28 weeks, others stay tiny and do not show as much and will wait until the last few weeks.

I am asked a lot about the best place to shoot the maternity sessions. I am open to all different backdrop options,  being in or outdoors but my  personal favorite location and
time for the sessions are some open fields or the beach during the golden hour, which is an hour prior to the sunset. I love everything about the warm sun rays backlighting the round belly.

I recommend using a hair and makeup stylist for your maternity shoot for absolute pampering.
Please feel free to ask me for recommendations, I’d love to help!

When it comes to clothing, I have pinned outfit inspiration on my Pinterest board, HERE.

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