Hi! I am Ania.

I have always been surrounded by photography. As a little girl, I was lucky to travel a lot. My parents would plan road trips through Europe and we would have a camera with us. I was always amazed how many rolls of film my mom and dad would use during a short break in a new country. I remember telling them over and over to stop taking so many photos. Now, looking back at the photos from the trips. I am grateful for all those shots – smiles or cries, silly or serious… I don’t mind any of them and actually and really gratefulfor all of the photos as they are all that I hate to remind me of my brother who is no longer with us. Those are my treasure and I willmake sure that my son knows his uncle through the photos I have.

I fell in love with newborn photography almost eight years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I just wanted to find someone in England, where we lived at the time, to photograph my newborn son. I looked and looked and could not find anyone who would meet my requirements.  Unfortunately, there were a lot of photographers who had no idea about posing and safety of a newborn. It was then that I decided to take some time and learn as much as I could about newborn photography.

SAFETY is my number one concern. You will never see me pose a baby in a risky or unsafe way just to get the shot. I have refunded someone who booked me just because they insisted on me placing their baby in a glass jar. “I would not do anything to your baby that I would not do to my own child” – I always say this line to all my potential clients. I live by this. A lot of the hanging shots or the basket photos are composites of few photos to make sure that the baby is never at risk.

These are a few of my favorite things

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